Bible Memory Word Search
Bible Memory Word Search
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Bible Memory Word Search

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Here are 40 fantastic, fun word search puzzles for your child’s enjoyment! Grab a pencil. . .and get ready to begin a Bible-memory word-search adventure!

Kids, ages 4 to 8, will find themed search words highlighted in brief, memoizable Bible verses, all taken from Barbour’s easy-to-understand New Life Version. Each verse includes the scripture reference, so kids can look it up in their very own Bibles.

Bold-faced words throughout each scripture are what they’ll be seeking in the puzzle grid. They can find the words in the puzzle while they hide the Word in their hearts! And if they get stuck, answer key pages are in the back of the book. Kids will be delighted as they work through their very own Bible-memory word-search adventure!
Made in China

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