About Us

Welcome to Addy Lee’s Boutique! 

I am Taylor- Mama and Owner of Addy Lee's Boutique! Addy Lee's Boutique name originated from a few special ladies in my life. I want to break those down for you. 

ADDY (Adalynn- My Daughter) 

LEE'S (Lee- My Mother's Middle Name & Leeanne- Mine and Adalynn's Middle Name) 

Adalynn is our little rainbow baby- that’s where our logo comes into play. The year 2018 was a hard year for my husband and I as we miscarried our first child. As always, God kept His promises and in 2020 Adalynn was born. 
"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born." - Isaiah 66:9 

am a one mama shop operator with so much love to share with you all. I personally and carefully select all of the items you see on our shop. I look for unique, trendy, adorable and affordable clothing for women and children. I test all of these pieces personally- I try the Women's Collection and Adalynn is in charge of the Children's Collection. We want your shopping to be as fun, easy and enjoyable as possible.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for stopping by. I hope you love our boutique as much as we love doing what we do. We love seeing you and your little babes in our clothes- so make sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram.

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